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to the government. the you look at some of the accusations about google and the nsa -- that's kind of a joke. google is obviously known as one of the leading technology providers out there. it's interesting, there was a recent government contract awarded to that second biggest internet company, amazon, so there are parts of the government that are looking to u.s. internet companies for innovation and services. this is just another example of that. this should help google's street cred. liz: it should, especially if it works, that's the thing. it's got to work, whatever they do. and oracle as well as red hat. i'm just wondering if at this point it's fixable, or does google have to start all over again, and this may be a really dumb question, but is google getting paid, or are they doing this out of the goodness of their heart? >> well, that's to be determined. look, if you're talking about projects at massive scale, which this sounds like one, there are very few companies that are running, that have got the competencies to run databases, applications, project at scale like google does. i mean, there'
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1